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Geneinno Titan T1 Underwater Drone Arm Gripper

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The Geneinno Titan Underwater Gripper is an underwater robotic gripper arm designed for your Titan underwater drone. It easily mounts to the undercarriage of your Titan providing you the ability to pick up and carry items under water. With a maximum gripping diameter of 2.36 inches and a gripping force of up to 13.2 pounds the Titan Underwater Gripper makes an excellent accessory for exploring the depths and bringing back what you find.

robotic arm for t1 titan geneinno

The arm mounts onto your Titan drone and a flexible cable connects to the drone's 8-pin interface to provide power to the arm, as well as control signals. You can control the arm with the same app that you use to control the drone itself. The arm is removable once mounted and has no significant impact on the buoyancy of your drone.

geneinno underwater rov

  • Simple Installation and removal
  • Near-neutral buoyancy
  • Supports depth excursions up to 492'
  • Suitable for collecting underwater samples