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OceanEye Underwater Drone

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Explore the Depths with Endless Possibilities with OceanEye Underwater Drone by YouCan Robotics

See the World's First Ever Luxury, 360-Degree, Industrial Strength Omnidirectional Underwater Drone

YouCan Robotics OceaEye Underwater Drone

The accessories for both configurations are the same, the only difference lies in the camera of the underwater drone. The zoom version uses a 4x zoom 4K HD camera, while the fixed focus version uses a 4K HD fixed-focus camera. 

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Unleash the Power of Truly Stable

Navigation with OceanEye's 8 Motor Navigation System

OceanEye is a luxury underwater drone that is equipped with an innovative 8-motor vector layout for unparalleled, omnidirectional stability and control across the ocean depths.

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Unrestricted 3-Dimensional Motion

Throughout the Aquatic World

OceanEye takes you on an underwater adventure, with 360° spatial movement and full spherical mobility throughout the water. Its multiple motor system allows you to explore the fantastic and astonishing underwater ecosystems freely without any restrictions.

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Capture Every Incredible Detail 

Breaking the boundaries of your vision with the creative and unparalleled underwater photography camera system.

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4K Zoom Camera

OceanEye Zoom's camera allowing you to explore the intricate details of objects up close from a distance.

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4K Fixed Focus Camera 

Our camera is equipped with advanced image stabilization technology, ensuring steady and stable footage and providing you with a crisp and immersive viewing experience.

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Up to 10+ Meters of Visibility Underwater Assisted by 5400 Lumens of Light 

OceanEye uses a dual combination of low beam and high beam lights to illuminate the underwater world and expand the visibility range by as much as 10 meters. 

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2000+ Hour Fully Sealed Saltwater Resistant Motor 

Super long life lasting up to 2000h by utilizing the fully sealed and saltwater corrosion resistant motors built with Japanese imported bearings.

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Rich Accessories Available to Meet the Requirements of Different Challenging Underwater Mission 
OceanEye comes equipped with tools for every underwater task that you or your team may require, including grabber arm, water collectors, water samplers, and other tools. Capable of effortlessly performing underwater missions for analysis.

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Remote Control via Smartphone

OceanEye offers complete control of your underwater drone through smartphone, tablet, and a provided remote. This not only allows you to control the device, but it also allows multiple users to simultaneously view the feed from multiple devices.

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Dive Depth of 100 Meters

Aircraft Grade Sealed Compartment - Waterproof Rating >IP68.

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Operating Speed of 2m/s

Create Designated Set Points for Fast and Efficient Underwater Operations.

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Deep Lock, Intelligent Underwater Hovering

By utilizing a multi-sensor fusion algorithm and nine-axis data calculation, the oceaneye achieves precise underwater hovering, allowing you to enjoy a stable and clear shooting experience.

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Conquer Vast Oceanic Territories with Unwavering Stability 

OceanEye's streamlined body design and 8 motor vector layout provides exceptional resistance against ocean currents, ensuring consistent and effortless performance every time. 

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Solving Underwater Operational Challenges

OceanEye is capable of a diverse range of application scenarios to solve operational challenges.

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Two Colors Available for Selection 

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What's In the Box

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Technical Specification

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Q & A

1. How deep can it dive?

It can dive up to 100 meters. The depth and temperature parameters can be read on the OceanEye App interface.

2. What is the length of the Tether?

The standard tether length is 100 meters, and there is an additional option of a 150-meter tether.

3. What is the difference between the fixed-focus version and the zoom version? 

The accessories for both configuration are the same, the only difference lies in the camera of the underwater drone. The zoom version uses a 4x zoom 4K HD camera, while the fixed-focus version uses a 4K HD fixed-focus camera. For more details, please refer to the technical specifications.

4. How is the image clarity?

OceanEye is equipped with a 4K HD camera, capable of recording 4K videos. However, the actual image quality may vary depending on the water conditions. Underwater imaging is greatly influenced by water quality and underwater lighting. Water molecules, impurities, and suspended particles in the water strongly absorb and scatter light, resulting in reduced image quality, such as color distortion, blurred details, and decreased signal-to-noise ratio.

5. What is the underwater visibility range? 

The visibility range can vary from 0.6 meters to 8 meters, depending on the water quality.

6. Doest it have an automatic return function?

No, it does not support automatic return.

7. Can it support live streaming?

It supports connecting the footage captured by the underwater drone to the oBS platform. It can also be connected to a video switcher via Youcan Robot HDMI box. For specific instructions, please contact our staff.

8. What is the battery life?

It has a built in 10,000mAh lithium battery, providing a battery life of 0.5 to 1.0 hours. The actual battery life will vary based on factors such as the speed of the drone ( high speed, medium speed, low speed ), whether the lights are on, and whether the camera is being used.