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Qysea V6 M750d 2D Imaging Sonar Module Sensor

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M750d Imaging Sonar
Identify, inspect, and locate targets through dark and turbid underwater environments, with unparalleled image quality in a compact, rugged form factor.
QYSea M750d 2d Imaging Sonar for underwater drone

Redefining Multi-beam Imaging

The Imaging Sonar offers single and dual-frequency models, unparalleled image quality in a compact, rugged form factor, and depth rated to 300m, with ultra-fast update rates of up to 40Hz and Wide 130°horizontal and 20° vertical apertures.

qysea image sonar for v6 expert underwater

Compact & Robust

Designed for use on the FIFISH’s small and midsized inspection-class ROVs, the Imaging Sonar delivers operating ranges of up to 120m to suit every underwater challenge.

qysea 2d sonar for w6

See Through Turbid Conditions

With a compact design for easy integration, operators can experience improved navigation and inspection capabilities in turbid underwater conditions. 

 2d sonar for w6 or v6 expert underwater drone

A Total & Integrated Solution

Integrated with the FIFISH APP, the imaging sonar is an optimal solution to reidentify the target since, produces an exact location and visual verification that is suitable for SAR (search and rescue), ship hull inspections, offshore operations, and many other marine industrial applications.

2d sonar integrated solution for qysea and chasing drones


Frequency 750KHz / 1.2MHz
Range (Max) 120m / 40m
Range (Min) 0.1m
Update Rate 40Hz
Horizontal Aperture 130° / 80°
Vertical Aperture 20° / 12°
Aperture resolution 1°/0.6°
Number of Beams 512
Operating temperature -5℃~35℃
Depth Rating 300m


This add-on tool is compatible with the following FIFISH Underwater Robots: