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Robosea Warp 10 Underwater Scooter

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Robosea Seaflyer Underwater Scooter


Dimensions φ295mm×221mm 

Weight 3.8kg / 8.36lb

Max. Output 630W

Battery Power 144Wh / 10000mAh

Charging time 3 Hours

Running Time High Speed: 20 mins | Middle Speed: 35 mins | Low Speed: 65 mins

Speed Control 3 Gears

Max. Depth 30m / 100 ft

Float Positive

Gopro Mount Yes

Max. Speed High Speed 8.5km/h

Middle Speed 6.4km/h

Low Speed 4.3km/h


Robosea Underwater Scooter


WARP 10 is a sleek, foldable new product. Not only innovative shape, but also can provide users with Amazing underwater cruising experience. Single thruster provides more power than traditional twin-engine thrusters, with less water drag, greater propulsion efficiency, and faster speed.

Robosea Sea Scooter

WARP 10 uses motors with high torque, less wear and tear, and longer service life than conventional motors. Using 144Wh large capacity lithium battery, battery life as long as 65 minutes (under low speed gear), fully meet the user’s long battery life needs, play more enjoyable.

Warp 10 Underwater Scooter
Robosea Warp 10 Underwater Scooter