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Splash Drone 3 Rescue Edition with PL3 Payload Release

Urban Drones is the official SwellPro Splash Drone Distributor and Support Center in the U.S.A and Canada. Always in stock and ships free the same day you order The Modular All Weather Waterproof Drone The Splash Drone 3 Auto is the most advanced Splash drone ever released. It's the first fully integrated modular amphibious flying platform. Thanks to its new flight control system, it is m...
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ntegrated  video monitor

integrated video monitor

SplashDrone 3 Auto's long range remote has an integrated monitor for easy viewing. Add other external video monitors or goggles and share your flying experience with those around you.

Fully Waterproof

See under water

land, float and see under water from the surface

New S3 Flight Controller

A completely new Flight Control computer, coupled with new sensors and a more powerful propulsion system, mean you can fly safely and smoothly and then land your SplashDrone 3 with confidence on water, in rain and snow or just back to earth.

The SplashDrone's new flight software constantly check for errors and offers redundancy to improve flight safety and stability. The dual-mode GPS locks onto up to 24 satellites from the GPS and GLONASS systems for improved accuracy and speed of positioning.

Advanced internal shielding of components and sensors allow for greater sensitivity and accuracy than ever. Even if you are beginner, flying the SplashDrone AUTO should be a stress-free experience.



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