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Z Rid Remote ID Broadcast Module for FAA Compliance

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Z Rid Remote ID Broadcast Module for FAA Compliance

z rid zing drones remote ID FAA Module

Universal Compatibility

The Z-RID is designed to fit on any drone. It has been tested on drones as small as the DJI Mavic Mini and as large as the DJI Matrice 210.

Plug and Play

The Z-RID is designed to be simple to setup, unlike other broadcast modules on the market. Take it out of the box, turn it on, and you're broadcasting.

FAA Compliance

Download the Z-RID manual here

Broadcast Method: Bluetooth 4 + 5
Battery Life: Up to 14 Hours
Size: 25mm x 35mm x 50mm
Weight: 35 g
Positioning: GNSS


US Manufactured 🇺🇸
Manufactured and Assembled in the United States of America.

EFFORTLESS Remote ID Compliance ✅ 

Register your device, secure it to your drone using 3M Dual-Lock, and be compliant.


Convenience at Its Best ⭐

Charge, Turn it On, Fly, Repeat!


Comprehensive Web Dashboard 🌐

Connect any number of modules to your dashboard to plan flights, get real-time flight & weather data, and more.


Superior Airspace Awareness 🛩️

The only Remote ID module that detects and notifies you in real-time of other drones within a kilometer, using patent-pending technology.


Real-time Unlimited Flight Data ♾️

See your flights as they happen on the Dashboard. And, unlike other solutions, get access to all your historical data.


14 Hour Battery Life 🔋

For your longest operations. Full charge in 3.5 hours.


Compatible with All Drones 🌏

Including the popular DJI drones. If it fits, it works.