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Different Types of Drone Fishing Bait Release Mechanisms

Different Types of Drone Fishing Bait Release Mechanisms

One of the main functions that a drone should be able to fulfill when used for fishing is releasing bait into the water. However, most drones don’t come with this function from the start. Instead, it’s up to the owner to modify them with peripheral parts. The good news is that there are bait release products that you can install onto your drone with relative ease. We’ll go over some of the different types of drone fishing bait release mechanisms that we offer at Urban Drones.

Gannet Sport Bait Release for DJI Phantom 2/3/4

This bait release is a completely automatic mechanical part that fits any DJI Phantom 2, 3, or 4 drone. You can attach it to your Phantom without any additional tools, and the design prevents the bait release from blocking any of its sensors. With the Sport Bait Release, you’ll also get the lightest release on the market. It only weighs 13 grams, which is seven times lighter than its nearest competitors. It also has the capacity to hold up to four kilograms of bait and has adjustable weight threshold settings for the different Phantoms.

Gannet Sport Bait Release for Swellpro Spry

The Gannet Sport Bait Release for Swellpro Spry has all the features of the version meant for DJI Phantoms. It is still the same weight of 13 grams, and Gannet has made it adaptable to the Swellpro Spry drone, which can support bait and the bait release with custom brackets. You can simply strap or clip it onto your drone for accurate bait release. The Sport Bait Release for Swellpro Spry also has the same weight capacity as the DJI Phantom bait release. With it, your drone can drop bait to attract fish or drop your fishing line for more precise placement of your hook.

Gannet X Bait Release for DJI Phantom 3/4

A more complex release mechanism than the Sport models, the Gannet X Bait Release only works with DJI Phantom 3s and 4s. Again, mounting it does not require any extra tools, and you can finish the installation process within a few seconds. This bait release can support more than 10 kilograms. The recommended weight setting with these Phantoms is about 800 grams. The Gannet X Bait Release can switch between mechanical release modes or full locks modes for different situations. It is also completely independent of the drone and comes with a rechargeable battery. Even with its added features, it only weighs 55 grams so it won’t overburden your drone’s power.

Depending on what drone you have, one of these different types of drone fishing bait release mechanisms may be the one that you need. Visit Urban Drones online and check out our drone fishing bait release collection today.

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