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How underwater drones are revolutionizing fish farming

How underwater drones are revolutionizing fish farming

Fish farming, or aquaculture, is a vital industry working towards the meeting of growing food demands while maintaining sustainability. To help with this trade, a wave of new technology is making a splash– underwater drones. These are transforming fish farms by offering a safer, more efficient, and data-driven approach to managing underwater operations.

In the past, monitoring farms required many resources, as farmers were blind to was under the surface. However, equipped with cameras and sensors, underwater drones can navigate fish cages and provide a closer look at fish behavior. These remotely operated vehicles are built to withstand the strong currents of the ocean and provide a safer method of scouting an area and finding potential problems without putting divers at risk.

Underwater drones can also help with data collection. By analyzing footage, one can accurately count fish stocks and measure their size. Collecting data with the drone can provide crucial information for optimizing feeding practices. Farmers can distribute the exact amount of feed required, reducing waste and saving them from unnecessary costs.

Another application of underwater drones is net inspection. Their agility allows them to navigate underwater cages efficiently, checking for rips and holes in the nets. This not only prevents fish from escaping but also saves significant time compared to traditional diver inspections.

Finally, underwater drones can be deployed to collect water samples and measure various water quality parameters like oxygen levels and temperature. This real-time data allows farmers to maintain optimal water conditions for fish, ensuring their health and promoting environmentally responsible aquaculture.

Underwater drones are revolutionizing fish farming. They contribute to improved fish health, reduced costs, and increased sustainability. As drone technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative applications that will propel fish farming towards a bright future.

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