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Where you Buy your Fishing Drone Says a lot about you

How can you choose the best fishing drone? What should you look for in a drone shop? These are the main things you might wonder about. Many folks might go for cheaper drones to save cash, but are they really saving money or just wasting it?


Lots of folks buy their fishing drones from China or Amazon (which often sources from China) without checking if the shop is legit or has good customer service. Does it matter if you buy from Urban Drones?  The answer is “YES".


Here are the  advantages: 


Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer service and make sure a real person will answer your questions and assist you with all of your concerns. 

Some of the online shops nowadays don't have time to respond to your chat or email, once you buy the drone you’re on your own but not with Urban Drones we will support and help you as much as we can.   


At Urban Drones, everyone on our team speaks English, making it simple for customers in big markets like the USA, Australia, and New Zealand to talk to us. English is widely used in the Americas too. Unlike sellers from other countries who might not speak your language, we make it easy for you to reach customer service and place orders without any language barriers.


If you purchase from another country there is a big chance your order might be delayed due to a time difference such as 1 day or more delay, a delay due to customs checking, delay due to fortuitous events since it is overseas, this can be avoided or prevent when you will order from suppliers and retailers within the country who has a direct warehouse.

Service and Warranty

Urban Drones offers fishing drone bundles with CPS service insurance you can choose 1 to 2 years or you can purchase the insurance separately. It covers full parts and labor on all internal hardware failure, as well as the extra added benefit of Accidental Damage Protection.


If you buy drones locally or from Urban Drones, you can easily return them if there’s any problem within the day to 5 days depending on the courier also if there’s a missing item or to be followed you will surely get it in a short period. 


You can make sure that products and items from Urban Drones are authentic and thoroughly inspected. This way you can ensure that you will not waste money by not buying another drone if something happens and the worst you don't know where to go/seek help since the store you buy from is nowhere to be found.


Buying at Urban Drones, your local online store in the USA offers several advantages. Firstly, you'll benefit from expert advice tailored to your fishing needs and concerns,, budget, and experience level, ensuring you make the right choice. Furthermore, local online stores provide quick access to parts and services, meaning you can get assistance or repairs without the hassle of delays.

Furthermore, Urban Drones stands out for its exceptional customer support, offering 24/7 assistance and English-speaking staff for clear communication. Buying locally or from Urban Drones avoids delays due to time zones and customs, ensuring prompt delivery. Our comprehensive service and warranty options, including CPS insurance, provide peace of mind. With easy returns and assurance of product authenticity, Urban Drones ensures a hassle-free and reliable drone-buying experience.

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