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These are the top three recommended waterproof fishing drones of 2024

These are the top three recommended waterproof fishing drones of 2024

If you're planning to take your fishing experience to new heights like upgrading to fishing drone, these recommendations are perfect for you.

Maybe you are in a state of confusion about which fishing drone you will go for, there are a lot of options to choose from in the market. These are the two most popular in 2024


A lot of people like the Splash Drone 4 because it has an interchangeable camera. There are four cameras that you can choose from. If you want to save money, you can go with the entry level fixed axis camera. The next camera is the GC1 and is the most popular because it has 4k video quality and can be tilted down from the remote control, to see where the bait is being dropped.

Then there’s the GC2, which is the same as the GC1, but has LED lights to navigate at night. And then the top quality camera is the GC3 because it also has 4K quality, but it’s stabilized on 3 axis to give you the smoothest video possible. Oh and here’s a kicker, both the drone and the remote control are waterproof and float on water.


This is the mac daddy of the fishing drones and the most robust because it can carry a 7 pound bait and as you know, the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish. You’ll hear this drone being called by two names, the FD2, the Max, or the Fisherman Max. This is because the code name during development was FD2 and that name kind of stuck, but the official name is the Fisherman Max.

There are two versions of the Fisherman Max, the Basic and the Advanced. If you want to save some money, you can get the basic version for $1,899 (as of March 2024), but it does not have a camera and doesn’t transmit video. The Advanced version comes with a 4K video camera that can be tilted from the remote control so that you can see where you’re dropping the bait and see fish biting.


The FD1 Fishermen is made for the budget angler. This drone also comes in two versions, Basic and Advanced. The Basic version doesn’t come with a camera and can only lift 4-pound baits. The Advanced version comes with a fixed camera and a 4-inch video monitor that also converts into video goggles for a First Person View experience (FPV). While the FD1 drone itself is waterproof and floats on the water the remote control is not waterproof. The basic version costs $1,149 and the advanced version $1,455.

If you want to get into fishing drones, but don’t care about all top features and are ok with only lifting 4 pounds, the FD1 is a great choice. If you care about video quality and the ability to take great videos and drop baits of up to 4 pounds, the Splash Drone 4 is the one you should choose, But if you want it all, good video and big baits, the Fisherman Max is what you’re looking for.



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