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Update your SplashDrone 4 Firmware for a Successful Fishing Story

Update your SplashDrone 4 Firmware for a Successful Fishing Story

To update the software of your SplashDrone 4, start by gathering a laptop, the drone you want to update, a USB cable, and a special screwdriver. Then, go to the SwellPro website and find the download section on the Splashdrone 4 page.


Fist Step to Update: 

The very first step to a successful update of your SplashDrone 4  is to check which firmware to Update, you have to check the SN code sticker inside the aircraft battery compartmen and check the last 3 digit. (See image below)


For SN number ending with V01, V02, V03, V04, please click here

For SN number ending with V05, please click here

Next, we'll explain the steps for updating the firmware of the Splashdrone 4's flight control, remote control, gimbal, and its camera.

Second Flight Control Firmware update: 

After Clicking to download the SwellPro 4  Firmware update tool and SplashDrone4 flight control firmware.(See below)

Unzip the Swellpro 4 flight control firmware folder from the download file and select B2. Click the first line and select the flight control firmware, Connect the aircraft and the laptop using the USB Cable, power  on the aircraft and then Click update. Do it  one and another  until the third line. (See below)

When you start updating the flight control, don't unplug the USB cable. Wait until the progress bar reaches 100% and turns white, which means the update is done. Then, you can disconnect the USB cable and restart the drone. To make sure everything's updated, you can plug the USB back in or check the firmware info.

Once you've completed the updates, put the cover back on the aircraft. Make sure the orange rubber ring is connected to the cover before you install it.


Third Remote control Firmware Update: 

Go to the SwellPro website on the Splashdrone page click Download Section,
Download “Swellpro Firmware update tool” and "Splashdrone 4 Remote Control Firmware" after Unzip the file from load control firmware folder there you see Splashdrone firmware B2 extension file. 

Click the first line and select the remote control firmware. Open the back waterproof cover. Connect the remote controller to the laptop using the USB cable. 

Long press the power button and remain pressing until the update is complete.


Click update on the computer screen after.

The remote control will start to update. Please do not disconnect the USB cable during updates. When the bar shows 100% and changes from gray to white, the update process is complete. Release the power button, disconnect the USB cable, and restart the remote controller. You can reconnect the USB cable and click firmware information to check if the firmware version is up to date.

After finishing the updates, press the bar from ceiling back to the remote controller. 


Fourth Gimbal  Firmware Update:

Go to the SwellPro Website. On the SplashDrone 4 page, click to enter the download section. Click to download the corresponding gimbal firmware(GS1-S to GS3-S).

Unzip the gimbal firmware file and click to Open Sharp firmware V2 file. The gimbal firmware is already preselected(1st line).

 Unscrew and take off the metal cover at the back of the gimbal using the hex screwdriver. Connect the cable to the laptop using the USB cable power on the aircraft.

Click Update on the screen. 

 Please do not disconnect the USB cable during updates. When the bar shows 100% and changes from 3 to 5, the update process is complete. Repeat the process for the second and the third line on the screen shown.  After completing all 3 of the updates, disconnect the USB cable and restart the aircraft.

After finishing the updates, install the metal cover back to the gimbal. Ensure the orange rubber ring is attached to the cover before installing.


Fifth Camera Firmware Updates

First, Download the firmware by visiting Both GC1-S and GC3-S cameras utilize the identical firmware.

Second, Unzip the file and transfer it to the microSD card using an SD card reader. (The camera firmware is in BRN format.) Ensure the BRN file from the extracted file  is in the root directory of your microSD card, meaning on the first place when you open the microSD card, not inside the other folders.

Remember,  Do not change the file name as it wouldn’t be recognized by the camera for the update.

Place the microSD card into the camera, ensuring the SplashDrone 4 is powered down beforehand.

After Turn on the SplashDrone 4. The camera will initiate an automatic firmware update. Red and green lights will flash simultaneously, signifying the update process. This typically lasts 2-3 minutes. Once completed, the LED light will remain solid green, indicating the update's completion. The firmware file will be automatically removed.

Keep in mind to avoid powering off the SplashDrone 4 during updates.


In summary, just follow the simple steps on how to update the SplashDrone 4 Firmware, Such as flight control, remote control, gimbal, and camera firmware. This way  It keeps your fishing drone away from any accidents or mishaps, because of this you can ensure the longevity of your drone, and it also gives you smoother glide and control with good quality monitoring transmission to your controller resulting in a better fishing experience. 


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