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Hassle-Free Fishing using this SplashDrone 4 Calibration Guide (Part 2-Gyroscope)

SplashDrone 4 Gyroscope Calibration

        We will show you how to calibrate the gyroscope for the SplashDrone 4.  Gyro sensors, or angular velocity sensors, detect how fast something is spinning. They can figure out which way something is rotating, how much it's rotating, and if there's any shaking or vibration. By calibrating this to your fishing drone, the aircraft will fly smoothly and stabilized when facing harsh wind or farce. 

      Proceed gyroscope calibration for the following situations:

  1. The drone tramples significantly during hovering in GPS mode. 
  2. The drone's tilt range is too large during ascending in ATTI mode.
  3. The drone drifts during ascending or descending in GPS mode. 
  4. The drone has been crashed or subjected to the heavy shaking. 
  5. The remote controller screen prompts “WARNING GYROSCOPE WARNING, CALIBRATE GYROSCOPE”

Note: When the drone is landing on the water, the remote controller may occasionally prompt “WARNING GYROSCOPE ERROR CALIBRATE GYROSCOPE” and then disappear. Simply just ignore the message when it does so. Please be in mind that gyroscope calibration on a boat or other moving platforms will not succeed. Please calibrate before boarding or traveling.


Let’s Start.

Fist place the drone on a level surface, power on the remote controller and the drone and then wait for the aircraft to connect to the remote controller. 

place drone to flat open area


After the connection finishes, hold the left joystick down to its lowest position and quickly move the right joystick left to right, back and forth until the front and rear status indicators flash alternately or the remote controller screen prompts ”WARNING, AIRCRAFT INITIALIZING, PLEASE WAIT”  The drone will now perform gyroscope calibration.


Now release the joysticks and wait, this process will be completed in 20 seconds. Please do not move the drone during this process. When the  Status Indicators turn solid red


and the Rear Status Indicators turn solid greenback-indicator-green

or the controller appears “WARNING AIRCRAFT INITIALIZING PLEASE WAIT”and then clock disappears; Power off and restart the drone. 


Gyroscope calibration is complete.

Note: If the calibration fails, the prompt “WARNING AIRCRAFT INITIALIZING, PLEASE WAIT”, will not disappear in the controller’s screen. Please follow the steps and try to calibrate again.

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