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  • splashdrone4-floating-complete-set
    April 16, 2024

    Hassle-Free Fishing using this SplashDrone 4 Calibration Guide (Part 3-IMU)

    In conclusion, The 3 calibrations mentioned main purpose is to maintain and correct the performance of a drone. The  COMPASS, GYROSCOPE, and IMU  calibration series for  SplashDrone 4 give a complete guide on what to do and criteria or a list of scenarios for us to determine whether we will conduct a calibration. Compass calibration needs to be performed to re-align the drone due to a given location interference such as a different location from the last flight. For the Gyroscope, it helps the drone stay steady in windy or bumpy conditions. The IMU keeps the drone stable and detects movements.Doing this right helps the drone fly better and more reliably. 

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  • splashdrone4-cover-sensor-gyro-calibration-update
    April 13, 2024

    Hassle-Free Fishing using this SplashDrone 4 Calibration Guide (Part 2-Gyroscope)

    We will show you how to calibrate the gyroscope for the SplashDrone 4.  Gyro sensors, or angular velocity sensors, detect how fast something is spinning. They can figure out which way something is rotating, how much it's rotating, and if there's any shaking or vibration. By calibrating this to your fishing drone, the aircraft will fly smoothly and stabilized when facing harsh wind or farce. 
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  • Hassle-Free Fishing using this SplashDrone 4 Calibration Guide (Part 1-Compass)
    April 13, 2024

    Hassle-Free Fishing using this SplashDrone 4 Calibration Guide (Part 1-Compass)

    These calibrations are easy to execute and typically require no more than a day to complete. Regular Calibration is necessary especially when you first get the Splashdrone 4. This way, you orient the machine or the drone and controller how to identify parallel or balanced positions when flying and also set the connectivity between the drone’s GPS system, controller, and camera before your very first flight.
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  • splashdrone4-how to-set up-fishing-drone-begginer-calibration-angling-dronebattery-tips
    April 5, 2024

    You’re making a massive mistake if you don’t set up your SplashDrone 4 this way.

    Preparing yourself before angling is important to have easy and hassle free fishing, such as familiarizing yourself with local regulations, charging batteries, and readying your gear. Ensuring proper calibration makes your drone fly perfectly and help you drop bait on exact location. Following both pre and post-care guidelines for your fishing drone ensures its longevity and optimal performance over time.
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  • SplashDrone 3PLUS Calibration - Full
    January 31, 2019

    SplashDrone 3PLUS Calibration - Full

    Calibration for your Splash Drone 3 is very essential before every flight especially when you change the site of flying. This is in order to avoid fly-aways on your flight. In Splash Drone 3, there are two calibrations involved. The...

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